About Us

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Rewope isotipo

we are rewope.

We  provide simplified Nearshore tech talent solutions unlocking scalability, profitability, and performance enabled by outstanding employee experience.

We are here to demonstrate a differentiating factor in the market by using a highly competitive human team, we are Rewope, the nearshore tech staffing staffing solution that works according to your specific business needs.

About Us Rewope

At Rewope we understand that a positive work experience in the worker translates to a happy and satisfied customer. That is why we have developed innovative corporate governance policies to transform the work experience of our technology talent.

We will provide a professional team of nearshore remote workers, with wide experience for the charges your business needs. Its management adds a high value that impacts the finances of the business, increasing rentability and helping you escalate your business quickly and effectively.

At Rewope we face the challenge of finding the right people to operate on corporations and make the business grow.

Here at Rewope we offer strategic solutions in Nearshore Staffing:

  • High performing teams within your time zone
  • Hiring flexibility
  • Contract, with all costs included and no additional expenses
  • English/Spanish bilingual staff
  • A guaranteed staff fully dedicated to your company
  • Medium and high level support professionals
  • Direct access to staff
  • An increase in job occupancy rates, lowering the staff turnover rate

We are the ally you need for the construction or extension of the ideal work team for your business!

We have a solid culture of high performance, focused on the service so the workers provided for Rewope are absolutely focused on actively contributing to achieve the organizational objectives of your company.


This is possible through our specialized recruitment team, providing the team your company strategically needs.


Social Revolution

Worldwide business organizations have met with three generations: the industrial revolution, the information revolution and the social revolution.

Social revolution

Within the industrial revolution people choose their job to survive; whereas in the information revolution people pick a job for its lifestyle / status quo.

Nowadays we are living the social revolution, where people seek and select a job that offers a good quality of everyday life, a nice work environment, the opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and most importantly, that their efforts are rewarded.


Business organizations who have a futuristic vision are really trying to concentrate more resources and time on initiatives, work environment quality strategies, professional and work development, building with it a stronger and inclusive force, decentralized and globalized.